We’re closing up shop

We’re closing up shop



We started Revolt Electric Vehicle to provide custom builds in a world where EVs were hard to come by.

What we learned through experience, we passed on to like-minded others.

The streets are different than when we opened shop 2005 (and when we first discovered the EV grin in 2000). Formula-E? Yes.

Early August of 2015, our first build was scrapped by the owner. We’re following suit.

We’d like to thank all of our clients for being passionate about electric vehicles.

We’ll still take and honor masterflux orders until we close completely. Anything we have on our shelves we’ll sell until we’re out. Bulk stock inquiries welcome.

If anyone is interested in this domain, learning about our distributors, or acquiring the work we’ve done with this site, please contact us.

It has been a fun ride. Thanks.

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Making New Maps

under construction signCONSTRUCTION WARNING!

We’ve been looking at our mission for REVOLT and have decided to draft a new map. We’d be happy to hear your ideas on what we should keep around (and where we could use some help filling in the potholes).

Also, things are going on sale in our store. With our revision plan, we’re clearing out things that have been sitting on our shelves at less than what we paid for them because we’d like them to go away.

For this week, the item is the 2/0 ring boot, red AND black. Feel free to think creatively: Make a modern/medieval rubber-mail shirt! Use them in your sling-shot or as snazzy sound deflectors!  Photos welcome.

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New batch of Probe Wire Terminals – check

Spent a few hours this morning assembling a batch of our Probe Wire Terminals.  If you are looking for a simple way to install a fused connection on your CALB cells, check them out!

just finished a batch of probe wire terminals

just finished a batch of probe wire terminals

REVOLT Probe Wire Terminals

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