Porsche on the road

I got permission from Rob to take the electric Porsche Boxster project to the last day of the RICE Alliance class I’ve been taking. The car went over really well. I was able to take some of my cohorts out to the parking lot and give them a brief tour. Lots of supportive comments from the guys who went out to look at what we’ve done.

And oh man, I’m going to be really bummed to pass over the keys on this one. It really drives well. Smooth as silk and strong, quiet, clean acceleration. Using the Lithium, we didn’t even have to improve the suspension. I may have to scare up a 1999 Boxster of my own when I get a chance.

Now all of our attention will be focused on getting the Audi project done. The battery shipment should be here any day now and Mark will be able to finalize the changes to the BMS to fit the new cells.

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