REVOLT Electric Vehicle Components now carrying Evnetics Soliton 1

I recently drove Willie’s electric Hyundai conversion from his home outside of Austin, TX to San Antonio to show it at the 2010 Electrification of Transportation Conference.  I was helping to display several electric vehicles, representing AustinEV (the Austin Area Electric Vehicle Association) and also attending the conference. We were there in support of the Alamo City chapter of the Electric Auto Association. The conference was more than 60 miles from Willie’s home and I was pretty excited to drive a Lithium Ion based conversion with a range of over 100 miles per charge.  This stretch of freeway is a good test for an electric vehicle’s “real world” abilities.  The drivers are aggressive and the speeds are always at least 10 over the posted speed limit.  They don’t really give you the luxury of driving conservatively, under the posted limits.  While I didn’t want to push a car that was being kindly provided for us to show too far, I was able to hop on the freeway and drive right on down to the event with no problems.  Then (barring a few communication hiccups [grin]) I was able to charge up while we were at the show so that I could get the car back to the Austin area the next day.

EVnetics Soliton1 controllerThis was my first experience with an Evnetics Soliton1 controller and it left me pretty impressed. The car had good acceleration and plenty of power to keep up with traffic on the freeway. It held up to the freeway driving for an extended duration without any major issues or overheating. When I did have to look into an issue, it was simple to access the administrative interface with a network enabled netbook. The error that was causing the problem was displayed clearly in the interface and it was simple to make the adjustment that was required.

If we do a 1000 amp conversion, we will certainly offer the Soliton1 as an option to our clients. So, we have signed up as a reseller and have started carrying the controller in our store. We are able to offer a good price on the unit and offer quantity discounts if you are looking to put together a group order.

You will find the controller and the very nice throttle interface from Evnetics in our online store.

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