Next REVOLT project – a 2010 Audi A3

Audi A3 steering wheelREVOLT Electric Vehicles has started our next project.  We’re getting a little ambitious and attempting to build a 100 mile range Audi A3 conversion for a client.  Challenges include…

  • keeping the all wheel drive
  • integrating our vehicle master into Audi’s CAN system like we did for the Mazda project
  • modifying our BMS design so we can install it on the single cell  Lithium Ion batteries we are going to use
  • working with the tiptronic transmission
  • working with a local AC drive developer to install a new high power AC (or brushless DC) drive system as well.

We took delivery of the car a while ago and have already done a fair amount of the preliminary design work.  I will go ahead and post on some of the things we have video for over the next few days and bring this category up to date as we go.

This should be fun.

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