Progress update: Audi battery pack

Chris and I needed a bit of fun after a productive evening working on the modifications to the electric Porsche Boxster battery management system. I’ll post more about the BMS work later, but I wanted to jump on and do a quick post about our initial results on the TS100ahr testing we did. It had been a long night, but we’ve been bugged by the reports of others’ experience with performance from the cells that were purchased in the same batch as the ones we have for the Audi. So, we grabbed a battery fresh off the stack and hacked together a temporary load test rig to see how the cells we have in hand fair. After some fun with sparks and at least one piece of welded steel (sorry no pics – [frown]) we have at least a general feel that these cells we have are capable of 5-6C. We’re going to do a more formal test to make sure we’ve gotten it right, but now we have a starting point. We’re going to ask if we can do a formal test on the cells. That way we’ll have some real data to make a decision from.

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