Electric Vehicle Air Conditioning – low voltage pack from Masterflux

Our “low voltage” Masterflux SIERRA configuration is for vehicles with traction packs roughly 70V to 90V DC.  The controller has both a low and high voltage cutoff at 55V and 110V DC respectively so be aware of your full charge voltage as well as how far your pack will sag as it depletes under load.

This system uses the SIERRA 04-0982Y3 Compressor, 15,200 BTU max.

For a low-voltage air conditioning package kit, we suggest following Masterflux components:

The links above go into the REVOLT Electric Vehicle components online store, where you can find more details on the components and place your order.  To make it easier, we’ve combined them all into a package kit (also linked above). If we do not keep an item in stock, you may still place the order. Product turnaround can take up to 10-12 weeks, but Masterflux often ships sooner.

The Masterflux DC kits are best used with as much “help” as they can get — window film, light-colored paint and interiors, window shades, and so forth.

Masterflux released a bulletin regarding environmental factors influencing the performance and life expectancy of Masterflux Variable Speed motor controls.

If you have any questions about which Masterflux system best suits your application, please feel free to ask via the store’s contact form.

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