Masterflux recommendations for High Voltage Battery Powered Applications

Masterflux has recently added recommendations for how to reduce the impact of input power voltage/current ripple on controller performance. In some cases, the batteries in an electric vehicle will sag under load and the car’s motor controller may attempt to rob power from the low impedance capacitors in the Masterflux system’s motor controller. To prevent this, Masterflux recommends using a diode such as the Powerex – CS240650 – Diode Module, 600V, 50A, POW-R-BLOK.

UPDATE (7/6/2011) REVOLT has listed this part in our store and we bundle it as an option with our mid and high voltage kits. You will find it in our store here:

For the full details, please refer to the full high voltage bulletin on the Masterflux site.

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