Visit from Todd Dore on cross-Texas drive

Chris and I were glad to get to meet with Todd Dore and his brother-in-law when they stopped for the evening in Austin. Todd is a member of the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association – the Chicago area’s EAA chapter. He took a week’s vacation to come to Texas with his all-electric new VW Beetle and drive from Houston to Dallas with stops to charge at camping grounds and in San Antonio and Austin on the way.

Todd was having trouble finding the charging station he had been aiming for and, since I normally charge at home, I really haven’t had much opportunity to search out and use the charging stations that have been appearing around town. Chris and I headed over to see if we could help out.

Crisis averted! The stations were just on the other side of the large City of Austin facility from where Todd’s GPS had taken him and we were able to find them pretty quickly. As a bonus we got to watch him hook up and get his charge going before we headed out to grab dinner and some drinks and talk electric vehicles. Here are some photos I shot as he got things set up.

Dore visit - talking about the trip

Todd Dore, his brother-in-law and Chris Robison talking about Todd’s adventure

Dore visit - Charger in the trunk

Todd’s charger installed in the trunk of the car

Dore visit - J1772 adapter

The adapter to convert from the plug on the car to a standard J1772 plug

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